How To: setup an external MIDI device with Apple Logic

setup an external MIDI device with Apple Logic

Let's say you have a MOOG keyboard you want to send into Logic.  To set this up, there's a few things to do in Logic.

  1. Make a new project in Logic, create an audio track.
  2. Open the environment (apple+8)
  3. In the environment, click NEW/INSTRUMENT
  4. In the track inspector on the left hand side for this new instrument, select the input port from your audio I/O device.
  5. Give this instrument a name, like MOOG, by clicking in the name field at the top of the new instrument's inspector in the Environment.
  6. Now go back into the arrange window (Apple+1).  Make a new track, and select EXTERNAL MIDI when the new track dialog comes up.
  7. The new external MIDI track should be created with the same name of the instrument you created.
  8. Now, if you record arm this track and play the MOOG, you should get MIDI input from the external MIDI board, and you can add a softsynth and send the output of that new track to the software instrument.

Using this method, you can easily add an external MIDI device to Logic. 


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